Helping West Chester, Hamilton and Mason Residents Settle Domestic Partnership Agreements

A domestic partnership is generally defined as the intimate, committed non-marital relationship of two adults who live together and share responsibility for each other’s welfare. Domestic partnership agreements are written contracts that define each partner’s rights and responsibilities in the relationship and upon the termination of the relationship. These agreements can divide property and debt and allocate income and support.

A domestic partnership agreement needs to be a written document that’s signed by both parties. Unmarried domestic partners have no right to each other’s property without a signed domestic partnership agreement. Before they execute a domestic partnership agreement, both partners should fully and accurately disclose their property, income, debt and other liabilities to each other. This disclosure ensures that both partners enter into the agreement freely and knowingly, and it gives each partner an opportunity to consult with legal counsel if need be.

Related Issues

Domestic partner couples may potentially deal with many of the same family law issues that many married couples face. These issues can include medical directives, partnership dissolution and subsequent division of property; parental and custody rights to children from the partnership; domestic violence protection and others. This makes it essential for partners to have access to legal help that can present them with all the implications of the features of the agreement.

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