Hamilton is a southwestern Ohio city in Butler County. It is also the county’s seat. It is a suburb of nearby Cincinnati and is included in the Greater Cincinnati Metropolitan Area. Approximately 63,000 residents call Hamilton home and they experience hot, humid summers and cold, snowy winters.

A Brief History of Hamilton

Hamilton is a historic city that was established way back in 1791 as Fort Hamilton. It was named for former president Alexander Hamilton as a tribute. It was an important military site during the Northwest Indian War in the 1790s. The town was originally incorporated in 1810 but lost its status five years later. It was then reincorporated in 1827. In 1859, presidential candidate Abraham Lincoln delivered one of his famous campaign speeches at the Hamilton train station, which is now designated as a historic site.

Hamilton Today

These days, Hamilton is known as a historic city with a rich heritage. The downtown Lindenwald neighborhood is one of three National Historic Districts in the United States. It is also an important destination for serious Little League players, as the West Side Little League is located in Hamilton and has recently hosted the Little League World Series four times since the 1990s.

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