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Legal disputes that affect your family can be especially challenging. Emotions can run high, and you face significant decisions that carry lasting consequences for you and your loved ones. The dedicated legal team at Garretson & Holcomb, LLC understands how difficult these matters can be, and we are here to offer you trusted and compassionate guidance as we seek to resolve your matter peacefully and effectively.

We handle a wide range of family law cases, including the following:


If you want to pursue a divorce in Ohio, it must be shown that one spouse was “at fault” for the failure of the marriage. Whether you need assistance navigating a high asset divorce or negotiating property division, retirement division, or business division, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

Dissolution of Marriage

Should you and your spouse mutually agree to terminate your marriage for no official reason, you can pursue a marriage dissolution instead of a divorce. To learn more about how the dissolution process differs from the divorce process, contact us to discuss your options.

Custody & Support

When you make the decision to end your marriage, there are several aspects to consider. If you have children, we can help you establish an equitable child custody and child support agreement, and we are fully prepared to defend your parental rights. We also assist separating couples with negotiating fair spousal support agreements.

Prenuptial Agreements

Before you enter into marriage, it’s a good idea to prepare for whatever life may bring you. A prenuptial agreement articulates your wishes, should unforeseen circumstances arise that cause you to end your marriage. We will help you draft and review the terms of your agreement to ensure that your best interests will be safeguarded, no matter what happens.

Domestic Partner Agreements

Unmarried couples can experience similar challenges when they try to go their separate ways after spending years together. Our attorneys can discuss the benefits of putting a domestic partnership agreement in place to protect your interests and defend your rights, should you decide to end your relationship.


If a child does not have a legally recognized father, they are prevented from accessing several important resources, such as the father’s Social Security or veterans’ benefits. If need help resolving a paternity dispute, we can help you understand your options for achieving a successful outcome.

Domestic Violence

If you spouse has acted violently or threatened you or your children, we can help you seek a protective order against them. The safety of you and your children is our top priority, and we will work hard to ensure that you remain protected and that your children remain in your care.

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