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The state of Ohio offers two options for ending a marriage: divorce and dissolution. In a divorce proceeding, the legal process can sometimes become lengthy and contentious. However, if both spouses mutually agree to end their marriage, they can pursue a dissolution instead.

Whether you are exploring a divorce or a dissolution, Garretson & Holcomb, LLC can help you understand the best approach to ensure that you walk away from your marriage feeling relieved and optimistic about the future.

Marriage Dissolution in Ohio

In general, a dissolution takes place almost entirely outside the courtroom, as the spouses negotiate the terms of their separation. Marriage dissolution is essentially what other states call a “no-fault” divorce, meaning that there is no need for lengthy courtroom battles over who is responsible for the marriage’s failure. During this time, the spouses and their respective attorneys discuss and negotiate important aspects of the separation, including the division of property, child custody arrangements, child support, and more. Once an agreement is reached, they head to court to finalize the dissolution of their marriage.

Safeguarding Your Best Interests

If you have decided that the only way to move on with your life is to walk away from your marriage, you need a trusted and effective legal advisor by your side. When you work with a dedicated and compassionate member of our firm, we will make sure that you understand all of your options for concluding your marriage. Together, we will arrive at the most effective strategy for helping you move forward with confidence. We will commit ourselves to helping you achieve a favorable outcome.

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