Diligent Legal Representation for High Asset Divorces in West Chester, Mason and Hamilton

As an individual with high net worth, your divorce can be full of complicated and vexing issues, which makes it critical that you get the hardworking legal representation that you need.

As an equitable distribution state, Ohio seeks to divide property equitably rather than by title. Behind this is the presumption that each party has contributed equally to the amassing of wealth, and that assets accumulated during marriage may be subject to equal distribution in divorce. High asset divorces present unique challenges in terms of asset valuation and evidence. In the case of prenuptial agreements, both agreement terms and the circumstances surrounding its execution can be subject to challenge.

Asset Valuation

Marital estate division can be more contentious when disputes exist about both the value of large assets and their designation as separately owned or subject to distribution. Easily valuated assets like a house or a profit-sharing plan don’t pose many problems. But assets like commercial real estate, stock options, restricted stock, golden parachute plans, and non-qualified retirement plans can complicate a case very quickly.

These cases often involve selecting a variety of experts—including accountants, business valuators, real estate appraisers—who can play critical roles in the case and to the outcome.

Business Valuation

Cases like evaluating the full-time contribution of a spouse during a marriage into a business established pre-marriage can get into grey areas that necessitate interpretation by deeply qualified attorneys. Business valuation also inevitably involves estimating business income as a source of child and/or spousal support.

Many aspects of high-value divorce cases can be negotiated between parties to resolution—but sometimes the subjective nature of valuation can lead to litigation. Proper research and preparation for these procedures is essential. In West Chester, Mason and Hamilton, Garretson & Holcomb, LLC offers strategic experience you can use towards achieving a favorable outcome. Call (513) 863-6600 today for a consultation.