West Chester Prenuptial Agreements Lawyer

Reliable Family Law Attorney Establishing Prenuptial Agreements in West Chester

It used to be that prenuptial agreements were somewhat stigmatized, as many viewed them as a sign that the couple was “planning” for their marriage to fail. However, in recent years, more engaged couples are deciding to put a prenuptial agreement in place—not to “doom” their marriage, but to strengthen it.

While prenuptial agreements ultimately offer protections to both spouses in the event that they decide to end their marriage, people are finding that simply taking the opportunity to discuss these important financial matters with each other before they wed actually brings them closer. At Garretson & Holcomb, LLC, we believe that our clients deserve to have a thorough understanding of their options, whether their marriage is just beginning or coming to an end.

Planning For Multiple Scenarios

No couple who is planning to marry wants to deliberately think about the failure of their relationship. However, taking the time to meet with a skilled family law attorney before you walk down the aisle is a great way to have these important discussions about your financial goals and shared vision for the future. By thinking carefully about what you want as individuals and as a couple, you are planning for a variety of possibilities. No matter what the future holds, you can rest easier knowing that your best interests will be protected.

Guidance Throughout the Process

In order to put a valid prenuptial agreement in place, you and your spouse must be open and honest about your individual assets and debts that you are bringing to the marriage. You’ll make important decisions about how these assets and debts will be divided in the case that your marriage ends. Should your marriage terminate without a prenuptial agreement in place, you won’t have a clear map to follow, and a judge will likely step in to oversee the division of property and other assets. To maintain a greater sense of control over your future, it’s highly advised to create a prenuptial agreement long before any issues arise.

While Ohio does not require you to seek legal counsel to prepare a valid prenuptial agreement, it’s a solid idea to discuss your concerns with a knowledgeable attorney who can ensure that everything is in order. We are happy to help you use clear and precise language to prevent any disputes later on, and we’ll gladly review the document to ensure that—even if you never end up needing it—your premarital agreement safeguards your best interests, come what may.

For more information about how a prenuptial agreement can set you and your future spouse up for success, reach out to the committed legal team at Garretson & Holcomb, LLC today. Call our West Chester office at (513) 863-6600 to speak to a friendly family law attorney.