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Common Injuries in Ohio Auto Accidents

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You share the road with potentially hundreds of people every day. What could be a simple work commute for you could be a frantic dash to the hospital for the person behind you. Driving takes skill, quick reflexes, and a sober mind. Unfortunately, not everyone you encounter on the road will always exhibit all three. As scary as it sounds, accidents are an inevitability. But being aware of the most common causes and injuries can help you stay as safe as possible.

The Most Common Causes

According to the Ohio State Patrol, there were over 263,000 car accidents in 2021. The most common causes of accidents were:

  • Teens and young drivers – 120,726
  • Elderly drivers – 87,510
  • Failure to yield – 36,850
  • Speeding – 30,822
  • Drugs and alcohol – 15,004
  • Distracted driving – 11,699

These car accidents led to 1,226 deaths, 6,244 serious injuries, and 34,587 minor injuries. The numbers can be staggering, especially when you remember that the injured person often did nothing wrong.

The Most Common Injuries: Neck and Back Injuries

The most common injury in a car crash involves your neck and back. Fractures, whiplash, compressed nerves, and severe spinal injuries are all likely consequences of a nasty crash. When traveling at even a residential speed limit, a sudden change in direction causes the centrifugal force to act very suddenly on your body’s inertia. This results in your back and neck suddenly whipping from one location or another. And, of course, any part of the car crumbling into your body compounds these injuries immensely.

Brain and Head Injuries

These can directly result from the whipping motion your back and neck undergo in an accident. Your head can bounce off the steering column, driver’s side window, or even the windshield. Hard blows to the head result in an immediate concussion, which can cause swelling or bleeding of the brain. Traumatic brain injury can lead to permanent changes in cognitive ability and even emotional regulation.

Fractures and Broken Bones

Your head and neck are not the only body parts being whipped about during a collision. Your arms, legs, and torso follow suit. Colliding with any of the hard plastic and metal surfaces that make up the interior of your car can reek significant damage to your skeleton. Fractures or breaks in bones near jolts can lead to permanent disability or lifelong pain.


Car accidents are terrifyingly dangerous and common. If you have been in an accident, a qualified attorney can help you pay for the treatment you require. Call Garretson and Holcomb, LLC today at (513) 863-6600.

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