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Child Custody

Dividing Summer Childcare Duties Through COVID-19

By June 5, 2020April 22nd, 2021No Comments

Figuring out how to keep your children entertained through the summer was a tall task even before the coronavirus pandemic. Now? Your local daycare might not be open or you may not be comfortable sending your children to a socially distant summer camp.

With that in mind, think about these three ways to keep you and your spouse sane this summer while stay-at-home orders ease and we all adjust to the “new normal”.

Consider a Virtual Summer Camp

Much like every other industry, summer camps are going online. While there’s no tug of war or ring tossing, the estimated 20 million children that attend a summer camp will be looking for a crucial piece of their childhood during the break months. Look to your local camp organizations or even your prior planned provider as they might already have a virtual plan in place for summer 2020. You can set up a dedicated portion of your home (or even dress it up) to give your children the feeling of being away for the day.

Work Within Your Child’s Interests

If you work with your child to find hobbies and activities that suit their interests, that can help ease the summer burden. Allow them a certain amount of freedom, even hanging out with their friends at a distance, if that’s something you’re comfortable with. This is especially important for teens, who need more freedom and autonomy than younger children. If they want to stay inside and play video games with their friends, that’s okay too.

Work to Solve Co-Parenting Issues

If you and your spouse are separated, work together to understand these are not normal times and compromises will be needed from both sides for the benefit of your children. Think about a reasonable, sustainable schedule where both families can spend time with kids in safe and healthy environments. This could even be paired with some of the kid’s favorite activities (liek hiking or biking) to help offer variety if camp or virtual activities are not an option.

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