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Car Accidents

Should I Hire An Auto Accident Attorney After a Minor Fender Bender in Ohio?

Some of the most common auto accidents are minor: bumping into another car in the parking lot, stationary damage, etc. While the actual damage may seem minimal at first glance, new issues – whether to you or your vehicle – may develop in the days and weeks following the incident.

Certain circumstances may warrant further action, including hiring an attorney to help represent you in a situation where the damage was more significant than initially thought.

Ohio Requirements for Reporting After A Car Accident

In Ohio, the police are only required to investigate a car crash under the following circumstances:

  • If the accident causes an injury that requires medical attention or if a death occurs
  • If property damage totals more than $1,000

State law mandates that all involved parties pull safely off the road and exchange information as normal following an accident.

Why Filing An Auto Accident Report Is Important

Filing a formal auto accident report establishes some initial facts about the incident, including that the incident happened at all. It’s a vital piece of paperwork should you want to pursue compensation for any damages later on.

A Note About Uninsured Drivers

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) has a process to file a report for uninsured drivers. The report mainly evaluates his or her license and determines a possible suspension for violating the state’s mandatory insurance law. This is only for accidents that cause personal injuries or damage in excess of $400.

Why You May Want to Hire An Auto Attorney in a Fender Bender

Even minor fender bender damage carries a hefty bill, and a dispute arises over who should pay for repairs. If this happens between you and another party that’s potentially at fault in the incident, you may have to work between insurance companies to figure out who is responsible. Insurance companies are notoriously difficult to work with and having an experienced auto accident attorney on your side can help make the negotiating process much easier.

If you develop even a minor injury in the days following your seemingly minor car accident, you may begin accruing medical bills related to your diagnosis and recovery. If the other party is primarily at fault for the incident, you may be entitled to compensation to pay for your treatment and recovery. It’s difficult to negotiate this on your own, and an attorney can help you determine what type and kind of compensation is pursuable and which isn’t.

Ohio Auto Accident Settlement Negotiation

Once you’ve established a case for compensation, there’s likely going to be plenty of back and forth between you and the at-fault party to determine a settlement amount. A good auto accident attorney will have experience in these negotiations and can represent your interests, especially if you’re still recovering from injuries. Any auto attorney worth his or her salt knows all of the tricks that an insurance company or an opposing attorney might use to get a settlement lowered and will see right through those.


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